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Mostly Murder: Sir Sydney Smith's Autobiography
Sir Sydney Smith
Año 1973
Género Novela
peso0.1120 kgs
First published in 1959, this is the autobiography of one of the greatest authorities ever on forensic medicine, who was a contemporary and, from time to time, a courtroom opponent of Sir Bernard Spilsbury. The author describes his early days in New Zealand, his days in Edinburgh and his First World War experiences in Egypt. In 1928 he returned to Edinburgh as Professor of Forensic Medicine and, from his unique knowledge and experience, wrote brilliant chapters in the annals of the British courts until his retirement in 1953. A gripping account of baffling murders solved in the laboratories by the greatest pathologist of our time. “The autobiography of a British expert in forensic medicine and ballistics and medico-legal testimony is a thoroughly absorbing book for those whose special interest is in true crime material [...] There’s humanity, humor and charm in the telling and followers of criminology should be pleased with this addition.”—Kirkus Review
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