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Thirteen stories
R.B. Cunninghame Graham
Año 1942
Género Novela
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Excerpt from Thirteen Stories: To-day in warfare all the niceties of old-world tactics are fallen into contempt. No word of outworks, ravelins, of mamelons, of counter-scarps, of glacis, fascines; none of the terms by means of which Vauban obscured his art, are even mentioned. Armies fall to and blow such brains as they may have out of each other's heads without so much as a salute. And so of literature, your "few first words," your "avant-propos," your nice approaches to the reader, giving him beforehand some taste of what is to follow, have also fallen into disuse. The man of genius (and in no age has self-dubbed genius called out so loud in every street, and been accepted at its own appraisement) stuffs you his epoch-making book full of the technicalities of some obscure or half-forgotten trade, and rattles on at once, sans introduction, twenty knots an hour, like a torpedo boat. About the Publisher: Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find
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