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Stories my Mother never told me
Alfred Hitchcock
Año 1967
Género Ciencia ficción y terror
peso0.1050 kgs
Even when Alfred Hitchcock was just a tiny tot, his parents sensed there was something, well, odd about him. The only kind of fairy tales that brought a smile to his childish lips had the ogres and dragons winning, and instead of wanting to know about the birds and the bees, he kept asking about the vipers and the vultures. Since then, Hitchcock's taste for terror and appetite for evil has more than made his parents' nightmares come true. And now he's out to share his satanic knowledge and pleasure with you in these thirteen super-shivery spellbinders by: John Collier - Gerald Kersh - F. Scott Fitzgerald - Andrew Benedict - Grace Amundson - Robert Arthur - Shirley Jackson - George Hitchcock - George Mandel - Jane Rice - Don Stanford - Richard Matheson - Richard Edward Wormser
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